Round 1

Name Opponent Table
07-Adam Trunzo 09-Mike Butcher 1
09-Mike Butcher 07-Adam Trunzo 1
13-Tom McClure 17-Zach Shelley 2
17-Zach Shelley 13-Tom McClure 2
04-Alex Gonzalez 30-Joe Flesch 3
30-Joe Flesch 04-Alex Gonzalez 3
02-Brandon Prouty 20-Christian Wear 4
20-Christian Wear 02-Brandon Prouty 4
03-Brenden Marcum 05-Sean Troy 5
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Well, after a few weeks and hundreds of pictures from the first Holy Wars we finally get the first slideshow together. We had a great time and can’t wait until next year. More pictures are to come but this is the first 150 photos.

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We just got the trophies for this years Holy Wars and we couldn’t be happier in how they turned out. Take a look for yourself.
With only three weeks until the tournament, we are getting the final touches wrapped up. Check back for more updates as the tournament gets closer … Read the rest

T3 coverOn the latest episode of the T3 Warhammer podcast listen Steve Herner talk about the Holy Wars GT. Sean, Stephen, Michelle and Steve talk building custom terrain, how Holy Wars came about and rules for the tournament. You can go to the T3 web site or subscribe to them on … Read the rest