The Holy Wars


Hampton Inn, Yorkville Illinois • February 17th-19th, 2017

Registration now open. 


Armies are marching to war, the Holy Wars 2017!

The Holy Hammers are proud to announce the The Holy Wars, a Warhammer Age of Sigmar Narrative Tournament. Our mission is to provide our attendees with an outstanding and fun experience, playing 5 games of Warhammer on amazing boards with fun detailed terrain.

Why Come to the The Holy Wars 2017

  • Compete against great opponents with well painted armies.
  • Play on fantastic themed gaming boards with themed terrain. No felt! Each board is unique and represent an army or realm in the Age of Sigmar. Custom Holy War 2017 themed terrain on each board will add dramatic strategy possibilities!
  • New boards and terrain! Last year Holy Hammer Hern made more scatter terrain, forests and the 2016 signature terrain piece the Floating Waterfall for the Seraphon table. This year Hern is designing the Realm of Azyr and creating a new board for what was the Warriors of Chaos table now to be known as the Realm of Aqshy.
  • A Fantastic Gaming Venue – The hall has the room for gaming and plenty to do when you’re not rolling dice! Rooms are $94 and there is a pool and hot tub for relaxation and free breakfast on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Charity – The Holy Wars 2017 Tournament will be supporting Hesed House a national model for ending homelessness – one person, one family at a time. It is the culmination of nearly three decades of strategic evolution from a formerly acceptable model of “eats and sheets” to a Comprehensive Homeless Resource Center – a campus of centralized highly skilled professionals collaborating to provide the tools necessary to help individuals and families break free of the shackles binding them to homelessness by holding a raffle for hobby/gaming prizes.
  • Open gaming Friday and Saturday nights!
  • BYOB! Yup “bring your own booze”! Oh yeah! Drink and roll dice all weekend long

Registration opens at 7:00 pm on 9/17/16 – Please email if you would like to sign up and send your PayPal payment to Please send the money via Friends and Family after all we are friends.

The Holy Wars 2017  narrative tournament will be able to seat 30 players. Remember – only paying your registration fee of $60 secures your place at the table.

Refunds – If individual cancels a reservation before December 15th payment will be refunded minus a $25 tournament fee to each player. Cancelations after January 1st will not be refunded. Thank you.